Friday, 23 March 2012

Sustainable Food Friends

Photo by color line
Eating is important, that's obvious. What might not be obvious is that we have resources to get involved with what and how we eat. Over the last few years, I've had a few delightful run-ins with organizations dedicated to sustainable food practices. 

I started with a garden club and learned a thing or two. From there, I found out about all sorts of friendly groups and awesome activities that aim to help the community eat better. What follows are some of the awesome places one can go in Montreal to learn about sustainable food politics and meet some like-minded people.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Clutter: Making a mess of our living space!


Photo by eflon
I'll admit it. I have too much stuff.

I've got stuff from when I was a kid. Stuff I bought 2 years ago that I haven't used. Mountains of music, art, and writing on the floors, walls, and in cabinets. I've got clothes from when I was 15 that I wear a few times a year, old gifts I ought to get rid of, articles I intend to read AND we still haven't finished cleaning out our old family home. Not good.

Clutter: It takes up space, can tie you down, and even burden your finances, emotions, and health. Just the thought of it makes me frustrated, but still, it reigns supreme in my apartment, as it did in my old room, and our old house. Why? It might be the feeling that one day I'll use something or an emotional connection to the object. It's also, likely, partly laziness. 

Whatever the cause, before the spring of old-house cleaning comes around, I want to deal with my apartment. How? Tips? Tricks? Thoughts? Read on.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Eggs are yummy.

I like eggs. They're not a vegetable, but they still work into my goal of being more nutritious in my vegetarian lifestyle. 

Photo by John-Morgan
I rarely, if ever bake with them, but I do enjoy them for breakfast several times a week. While they do contain quite a bit of Cholesterol, they also supply Vitamin B12, Ribovlacin, Protein, and other graces.

Here are a few easy ways to enjoy this nutritient-rich item.